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National Novel Writer's Month

30 Days, 50,000 Words: Are You Up to the Challenge?

National Novel Writing Month
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Community for participants doing NaNoWriMo
Welcome to the National Novel Writer's Month community here on Livejournal! Created back in 2001, and under management of writingvixen. This is the longest running NaNo community on LJ!

Rules | Introduction Posts | Daily Word Count | Daily Excerpts | Plot Help | Writing Resources

ALL NEW MEMBERS: There are two things you need to do before posting:

1. Read the Community Rules.

2. Take a few minutes to read through previous posts. You may find the answer to your question already!

Community Rules

#1... NO TALKING ABOUT THE NANO WEBSITE. There are countless other communities out there to discuss the website, as well as a twitter if you cannot access the site. http://twitter.com/nanowrimo

#2... INTRODUCTIONS ARE DONE IN THE DAILY INTRO POSTS. - This rule goes on until November 5th, when at that time the vast majority should have introduced themselves. This also means that posts that go on for length about yourself and your project should be contained to your own journal once these posts end on the 5th. Introduction posts will begin next week. (Starting daily on October 21st)

#3... RESPECT - Especially the mods and our rules. ;) But also respect each other. In a community this size, there are going to be differences of opinions. That is inevitable. You can disagree, but do so with respect and kindness. Rudeness will NOT be tolerated and may get you banned.

#4... NO SPAM - If you want to post to the community, it needs to be a contribution, or a question. Icons, things to help people along, something you found online that has been helping keep you motivated. Posting about your project with nothing more than self promotion will be seen as spam and deleted, with a comment to use the pimping thread for that.

#5... POSTING OF INDIVIDUAL WORD COUNTS IS NOT PERMITTED As with the handy dandy Intro posts, there will be Daily Word Count threads. You can reply there with your meters, your text counts, your frustrations with your falling behind and only have 35 words written on November 16th, etc.
EXCEPTION TO RULE #5 - When you DO hit your 50K, you are allowed to post your victory in your own individual post. Why, you ask? Because I believe that everyone deserves their 15 minutes of glory, and you've had to put up with consolidated posts for 2 months, so SOMETHING has to be for individual shining.

#6... EXCERPTS POSTS - If you'd like to post an excerpt for your story please do it in one of our Daily Excerpt Posts. The only exception to this is the Plot Help thread.

#7... ADVERTISING - Advertising other writing communities or NaNo AIM rooms or anything outside this community either needs to be in the pimping thread OR approved by the mods.

And as always, the rules are subject to change due to the needs of the community and the mod.

So what are you waiting for? Come on in and get writing already!