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2012 Community Rules

Starting now November rules for nanowrimo officially kick in. Read this post or the community info for a list of them!

Welcome to the National Novel Writer's Month community here on Livejournal! Created back in 2001, and under management of writingvixen, this is the longest running NaNo community on LJ!

ALL NEW MEMBERS: There are two things you need to do before posting:

1. Read the Community Rules.

2. Take a few minutes to read through previous posts. You may find the answer to your question already!

Community Rules

#1... NO TALKING ABOUT THE NANO WEBSITE. There are countless other communities out there to discuss the website, as well as a twitter if you cannot access the site.

#2... INTRODUCTIONS ARE DONE IN THE DAILY INTRO POSTS. - This rule goes on until November 5th, when at that time the vast majority should have introduced themselves. This also means that posts that go on for length about yourself and your project should be contained to your own journal once these posts end on the 5th. Introduction posts will begin next week. (Starting daily on October 21st)

#3... RESPECT - Especially the mods and our rules. ;) But also respect each other. In a community this size, there are going to be differences of opinions. That is inevitable. You can disagree, but do so with respect and kindness. Rudeness will NOT be tolerated and may get you banned.

#4... NO SPAM - If you want to post to the community, it needs to be a contribution, or a question. Icons, things to help people along, something you found online that has been helping keep you motivated. Posting about your project with nothing more than self promotion will be seen as spam and deleted, with a comment to use the pimping thread for that.

#5... POSTING OF INDIVIDUAL WORD COUNTS IS NOT PERMITTED As with the handy dandy Intro posts, there will be Daily Word Count threads. You can reply there with your meters, your text counts, your frustrations with your falling behind and only have 35 words written on November 16th, etc.
EXCEPTION TO RULE #5 - When you DO hit your 50K, you are allowed to post your victory in your own individual post. Why, you ask? Because I believe that everyone deserves their 15 minutes of glory, and you've had to put up with consolidated posts for 2 months, so SOMETHING has to be for individual shining.

#6... EXCERPTS POSTS - If you'd like to post an excerpt for your story please do it in one of our Daily Excerpt Posts. The only exception to this is the Plot Help thread.

#7... ADVERTISING - Advertising other writing communities or NaNo AIM rooms or anything outside this community either needs to be in the pimping thread OR approved by the mods.

#8... KEEP CONVERSATION TO PG-13 - In the spirit of camaraderie, we ask that all conversations (including the comments) keep at the PG-13 level. We do have minors who use this community and to maintain their allowance in our community, we need to comply to this rule.

And as always, the rules are subject to change due to the needs of the community and the mod.

So what are you waiting for? Come on in and get writing already!
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In the grip of nostalgia

First of the month means monthly back ups. I decided to dig around and try to find my first NaNoWriMo entry which was apparently from 2005. I searched by the protagonist's name and I had a bit of panic when nothing came up in the search results. I managed to complete it that year and it would suck to lose all that work. I tried the antagonist's name and voila--found it!

But, my goodness, the writing is so bad that it would not have been such a huge loss at all :-D I laughed and laughed and even snorted a bit.

Have you ever looked back on your old entries?

Did you polish them up?

Burn them?
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Planning is essential(ly torture)

As with many, many writers I've decided to participate in Nanowrimo this year. In the past this process has been more of a casual exercise which may or may not actually have any meaningful progress, and less of a full fledged novel project. Expansions of existing stories burst from my mind like literary daisies, and the characters contained within enjoyed a modicum of my creative attention as I excitedly scribbled them down in my enormous collection of notebooks. Plot lines would form and twist into intricate patterns that held no resemblance to the idea that had originally taken root in my head. Intimidated by the scope and complexity of the creature I had created and believing that it had grown beyond what is possible in a mere month these stories would invariably be set aside and never visited again.

This year, fresh off my first publication and thirsty to see my works completed once again, I believe that I will complete the month long project for the first time. Motivation sets in heavy as at least a dozen possible ideas beckon for me to dive into the creative maelstrom and proceed down the path to completion. The shadowy forms of characters begin to coalesce, revealing histories and motivations that could be placed carefully into a new world. For a brief moment I revel in the excitement that a new project brings. Infinite possibilities reach out to the page creating a beautiful, formless piece of fiction that awaits the careful tending to develop into a coherent story.

Sadly, though, reality must take hold of the creative process - and I am left with inspiration that must be run through the gauntlet of procedure. Decisions rise up to be made between genres, perspectives, themes, tones, and plots. The raw inspiration waits to see which parts will escape onto the page, each idea silently calling for its turn behind the pen. Faraway star systems beg to be detailed, ancient dragons snarl at the opportunity engage in epic duels with heroic knights, and futuristic cities halt their frantic population all in anticipation of the first word to hit the paper.

Each idea is a precious thing, a potential adventure that asks only that I choose to share it with an audience. The choice is agonizing, as to choose one may banish another, yet it is impossible to progress until a choice is made. I think for a moment, regarding the characters that have made themselves known to me. Each one is interesting in its own way, bringing a unique attitude and perspective to my presently featureless story. Several go by, showing their strengths as they go. One is tragic yet dignified - I choose to utilize this one and write the details down. Again I wander among my characters, repeating the original process again and again until I have a diverse, interesting cast to be placed into their new homes.

The time now comes to choose what kind of place to use. Shall I populate a technologically advanced cosmos with these individuals I have chosen? Looking over the characters I have assembled I decide that this setting would not suit them, and move on to a more mystical place. While staring at the assorted kingdoms and cultures I could choose I find that, frustratingly, none of them truly suit my cast, yet the laws of them do. The answer is obvious, although this would be my first attempt at such a place. Carefully I lift the rules of one of my mystical universes and place them on a familiar urban setting.

With my characters and setting chosen, all that remains is the perspective, tone, and plot. For a story like this one I decide that a first-person perspective will serve, having seen moderate success with it in the book I have published. One of the characters stands out to me as in need of purpose and development - he will be a great fit for this story and so he becomes the protagonist. A plot forms in my mind, and I begin the story.

This planning process takes much more time than I make it sound, beginning at the very end of September and encompassing no less than twenty moonlit walks spent in deep thought. While the story has yet to see its first readers I am confident that those who it manages to attract will be pleased with what they read. This is to be the first time I finish a Nanowrimo project, and I am determined to do it right.
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30 days and 50,410 words later...I would have finished earlier last week but my motivation was just zapped! I was only doing 600 or 700 words a day and made a big push on the weekend. I loved the little winner video at the end :-)

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How's it going?

I hope this post is allowed. I thought there would be more chatty posts :D

I feel good about my daily word count ten days in. I find it difficult to get the time in but I am tapping away on my phone at every opportunity. I am just enjoying writing for the sake of it too. One of my art teachers used to say one was always having a conversation with the canvas, although I am waiting for mine to talk back :D

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Jumping back in again

Well, it's been many the long year since I've had the opportunity to participate once more in NaNoWriMo. At least this year I don't have the Haunted House to get me sick midway in. :) Yay!

I'm a little nervous and a little worried. This month has already started out so busy that I've had little enough time on the computer. But, I figure every little bit helps; even if I don't win I'm still writing.
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Hey there! You can call me Kiss. I'm doing NaNoWriMo for the second time this year. I'm really excited for this year and I just wanted to say hi to everybody while I have a chance. I hope this NaNo goes well for all of you! And for me, I guess XD
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